1 Timothy 5:8 … but if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

God expects us as parents to cater for the physical needs of our children. There are several ways to do this. However, you must bear in mind that according to Maslow, physiological needs include food, clothe and shelter and I will include Best Toys and Games as well.


You must ensure that your children are well fed. Growing children need particular types of food to ensure a healthy growth. Please make sure that they eat carbohydrates like rice, yam and cassava based products, bread, potatoes, etc for energy building. Also, feed them with proteinous food such as beans, meat, fish, eggs; they need these for body building. They need fats and vitamins, which can be found in palm oil, vegetable oil, fruits and vegetables.

As parent, supervise the feeding habits of your children. Candies, ice cream, meat pies, buggers, biscuits, etc are not real food, and are not nutritious. Rather, candies and biscuits and sugary pastries spoil their teeth. Even when you permit them to take a little, ensure that they brush their teeth.

Growing children need to eat often – at least three times a day. If you have a child who just would not eat, ensure that he eats a balanced diet regularly, no matter how small.

Sometimes, your children may not want to eat a particular food. For instance, many children don’t like beans, even though it is nutritious. Help them to like it by praying with them over the food. Another alternative is to prepare it in different forms.


Children need to be adequately clothed. Warm clothes for cold seasons, light clothes for warm seasons, festive clothes for occasions like this upcoming Easter and clean stay-home clothes for every day use.

Some parents are quite selfish. They buy the most expensive shoes and clothes for themselves, yet their children are shabby. So they cannot boldly introduce them to guests or go out with them. This is very wrong.

Some other parents overindulge their children, may be because when they were children, they could not afford those things. So, they are prepared to spend anything, just to satisfy their children. This in itself is not wrong, as long as they children are not encouraged to become covetous and materialistic, and as long as the parents can afford it. Also, parents who overindulge their children may end up being in debt, just to satisfy them. Please be warned!

Children should be decently dressed. It is wrong to allow your children wear clothes that are worldly, seductive and simply the ‘in thing’. Please be careful; once those children get used to having their way in their dressing, they become difficult to correct in later life

Mothers should note that their appearance greatly affect their children’s good feeling about themselves. This doesn’t mean you must wear very expensive clothes (even though there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is within your budget), but you must be neat and attractive. Every child wants to be proud of his mum, to be able to say, ‘That’s my mum!’. That’s why some children do not want their parents to come to their school on certain occasions; they are simply ashamed to have to introduce their mothers to their friends. Ensure that this holiday period you get your kids lots of gifts and back to school items. It will go a long way in impacting their performance in the next school session.

Christianity is not a licence for shabbiness! Let your celestial knowledge affect your domestic duties and appearance. Gone are the days of ‘…as poor as a church rat’. Our heavenly father is not poor, neither was Jesus poor so why should we in the name of Christianity think we must appear poor to make heaven. That’s man’s religion.