Kids Create Absurdity Family Card Game with Questions and Silly Answers Fun for Kids, Adults, Teens and Tweens Family Pack of 465 Quality Playing Cards

Product Features

  • FAMILY GAMES-Bring your family together on game night with a total of 465 TOP Quality Cards-350 Question Cards-95 Answer Cards-10 Random Task Cards-10 Blank Cards. Kids Describe The Game As-Gross-Funny-Wacky-Weird and they will Laugh Out Loud While they play. It's essentially Cards Against Humanity for Kids!
  • NOW WITH 10 HILARIOUS RANDOM CARDS-IT'S A HIT- No Doubt about it. The reviews and feedback are coming in from our customers and they LOVE THIS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS GAME! Adults, Teenagers, Kids, no matter who it is the response is that this game is LOTS OF FUN FOR EVERYONE OF ALL AGES!! When you play our game you will most likely Dance, Sing, Make A Fart Sound, Tell a Funny Story, Make Silly Faces and most of all Have lots of fun!!!! Easy to Play!
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY PRICE-Priced Right for all Families to afford. Our card game for kids was inspired by Cards Against Humanity and we felt there was a need for a clean family version that the entire Family could play together or while the Adults play CAH the kids can play Kids Create Absurdity. For Ages 7 and UP! 10 Year Olds Love this Game as well as Teens and Young Adults
  • OUR GAME IS KID TESTED AND PARENT APPROVED- which makes this The #1 choice for Family Card Games. There is NOT any profanity in our game just FUN!!! Makes a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Valentines Day or Easter Present for kids and families. We all need a kinder perfect world, play this game and laugh more. Our Card Game is a Great Timeout for Parents who need a break from the kids, our silly family card game for children will keep them occupied so you can relax.
  • FAMILY GAMES: Put our game at the top of your Christmas and Holiday Games for family get togethers and Stocking Stuffers.
Price: $19.95
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Product Description

Our Family card game is essentially the unofficial clean kids version of Cards Against Humanity. A Popular game that is great for Kids, children and families. In 2015 we thought wouldn’t it be nice if there was a clean version of CAH that the kids could play. So on a road trip to NH we wrote down a bunch of questions and silly answers and tested it on our kids on the way up north. We knew it w

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