Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S. Pawcation Royal Yacht

Everyone knows Disney how they have so many amazing toys. This is the reason why when it is time for a child to spend that pocket money on anything, they are ready to wait on the long queue to buy their favorite. If your child has an allowance and she’s not sure which new toy to add to her collection of toys, then we recommend Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht because it truly is awesome and adorable.

What is Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht?

Your little girl can set sail aboard the Whisker Haven Tales Palace Pets S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht. This yacht is based on the Disney Junior series called Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets. The thing that is so amazing about this toy boat is that it can really float in water for real. This is the reason why during bath time it is never a dull moment for the child. Even when it is time to go to the pool, she can take it along with her during pool time. And of course, knowing who kids are, the manufacturers ensured it is a toy you can play with even outside the water.

What Other Accessories Come With The Boat?

Included in the pack is the boat itself which comes with an exclusive figure of Otto, which is one of Ariel’s pets. Don’t forget to read the story at the back of the package. The story is about how Ariel was singing on Prince Eric’s ship when she heard another voice – it was Otto singing along with her.

This is a shiny otter pup that is wearing a sailor’s hat with a glittery pink bow on its sea-green tail. Children would definitely want to have fun with Otto. It will be awesome if Otto is allowed to man the wheel of the ship, or let him take a dip in the paw-printed shaped pool that can be filled up with water. Otto can also be pictured to be in the Caribbean Island sitting under the coconut tree and sipping a fruity coconut drink or he could just rest on the glittery purple lounge chair.

Also in the set is a neat looking pineapple table with a palm tree umbrella that can be affixed to the back of the wheel or if the child wills could be placed at the front of the ship. This is a toy that could let you explore the creativity of your child.

Is This Toy Fun to Play With?

Is your girl child a fan of Palace Pets? If yes, then this toy will definitely be fun to play with. If not, make them watch the TV show and get them this gift and you will be glad you did. This one adds the exclusive Otto figure to their collections. With everything available here, and by using their imagination, children will get the opportunity to play many different types of sea-faring adventures with this toy.

Remember that one of its feature is the fact that the boat can float, and with that children will be able to play with it in the bath tub or at the pool. And also don’t forget the fact that it is just as fun as when they are on dry land. Children can have fun by playing out what they have seen on the TV shows or reinvent their own Pawcation-themed stores. Plus, we also have to include the fact that there’s going to be some pretty awesome character roleplay here due to Ariel’s pets.

Who Is This Toy For?

This toy is for children within the ages 4 and above. Children that enjoy collecting the Disney Princess Palace Pets toys and love watching the television show are going to enjoy adding this to their collection of toys. Just imagine all of the sea-fairing adventures with Ariel’s pets!


• Recommended for ages 4 and above
• Offers unique fun play tailored around Palace Pets
• Figure is included with the playset
• Comes with different play pieces that can be needed for decorating inside the yacht


With Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S. Pawcation Royal Yacht, every day for the little one is going to be a day that is packed full of magic. There is so much room for imagination and creativity here – you will be amazed at your child’s creativity and imaginative power.

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